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My Business Currently Accepts Credit Cards and I want to help people


Why Make the Switch?


                    Guaranteed Savings

                    No Contracts

                    Free Equipment

                    Next Day Deposits

                    Lower Amex Rates

                    We Pay your Cancellation Fee

 for Every Business

Payment solutions catered to your needs with no contracts,

no cancellation fees, & free equipment


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My Business does not Currently Accepts Credit Cards and I want to help people



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                    Free Terminal

                    Rates starting at 0.35%

                    Free Credit Card Decals

                    Next Day Deposits

                    Same Day Approval

                    Free Supplies


Interchange-plus pricing. No surprises, 100% transparency.

It’s the fairest pricing model in the industry, with flat and fixed margins, so you always get a fair deal. No long-term contracts, no hidden fees.


Ready to take our $500 challenge?

If we cant SAVE you money on your current processing costs, we will pay you $500 or donate it to your favorite charity.

Your business can use the power of your merchant transactions to positively change lives!

Merchant Services

 fund your childs school

Feed the homeless

Help rebuild after natural disasters

Support a family with medical bills

Cure a Disease

Give to your local church

give clean water

What if your business could do this....

Are you paying too much in merchant cost?

The Doughnate solution can do just that!

What if you could save money and help someone in need..

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